Your Spinal Column

Your spinal column is your lifeline. It provides the structural
foundation for the master control system of your entire body:
the central, peripheral and autonomic divisions of your
nervous system.

Basic Functions

  • The spine has three basic functions. The first is support. The second is to protect our spinal cord. The third is movement.

Your spine is composed of 24 movable vertebrae (joints) and nine fixed vertebrae which form an S-curve. These vertebrae are wider and sturdier at the middle and lower back to support your centre of gravity. They narrow at the neck where less weight is carried.

These Vertebral bones, along with the muscles and tissues which connect and stabilize them, provide the framework which keeps you upright.


  • The spinal cord is an extension of your brain which runs through a canal in the center of the spine. Within this cord are millions of bundles of nerves which branch out of the foramina (holes between the vertebrae), sending and receiving information which c controls and coordinates the organs, systems, functions and cells of your entire body.
  • Our nervous system is one of the most amazing two-way communication systems in the universe. In addition to carrying nerve impulses, these pathways transmit information in the form of hormones and chemicals. To protect this incredible message system, nature has packaged it in a casing of bone.


When the Spine is Misaligned

If any of the bones that protect the spinal cord happen to slip or twist out of line, the size or shape of the opening where the nerve trunk comes through can change. This is a condition known as vertebral subluxation. It’s easy to see how it can result in pressure, obstruction or irritation to the nerve and related tissues and structures.

Chronic muscular contraction and tension can also alter the normal nerve supply. When this happens, the organs, glands, and tissues which depend upon the nerve supply may be adversely affected. Impaired nerve force often causes pain, loss of function and even disease.

Clearing the Way to Health with Chiropractic

The science and art of chiropractic care is based on the importance of maintaining an unhampered flow of life-renewing energy and information from the brain through the nerves of the spinal column out into every cell of the body.

The chiropractor’s special ability is to recognize and correct structural or muscular interference with this intricate pathway and the integrity of the nervous system.

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